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Do I Need Land Registry Lease Plan In The UK?

Do I Need Land Registry Lease Plan In The UK?

# Do I Need Land Registry Lease Plan In the UK?

If you worry about the Land Registry Lease plan of your property in the UK, Then you in the right place. Meet, Myleaseplanner, Lease Plans Service in the UK with Ultra-Fast CAD Technician and Site Surveyor in Residential & Commercial Land Registry Lease Plans and other services related to property. We have a team of Professional CAD Technicians, experienced and skilled architectural technicians, and Surveyors. We are a UK based company with years of experience to back up our work. And if you’re thinking about doing that, you’ll need to have some information about the Land Registry Lease plan in the UK, or feel free to contact us!

# What Is A Land Registry Lease Plan?

New laws were implemented on October 13, 2003, which meant that all new leases issued over a term over seven years or existing leases sold or granted for seven years must, therefore, register with Land Registry. Part of the lease application needs the production and submission of a land registry lease plan. Call us now to get your leasing contract for a free quote!

# Why Do I Need To Submit Land Registry Lease Plans?

It is incredibly essential that high-quality plans should submit. And there are lots of significant advantages to this:

  • They provide a detailed view of the property buy or sell.
  • They also provide a clear view of the boundaries of your property if they need to discuss it in the future.
  • The locations will accurately define in the Map of the Ordnance Survey.
  • The applications within the Land Registry will process quickly and efficiently.
  • If you want the Land Registry to process any future uses regarding plans such as extensions, they’ll need this. If a detailed plan is available, they will be less likely to reject the applications; this may help get the application accepted.

# The Information includes In A Land Registry Lease Plans:

The lease plan consists of a detailed land area plan on which the house or building located. The measured drawing shows the property’s layout, including how many rooms it has and how they internally laid out.

The dimensions to display in the lease plan are as follows:

  • They must draw to the scale set by the authorities.
  • The boundaries of the property should be precisely defined. They should not increase or decrease for any reason whatsoever.
  • The house should be accurately oriented in the direction in which it located. If the house is in the south-east, for instance, it must show on the plan.
  • It should appear on the Map of the Ordnance Survey.
  • The plans should indicate the floor plan of these stories in the case of multiple storey structures.
  • It should also explicitly place around its surroundings. Forex: if a house situated between particular landmark streets, its direction should not differ from them.
  • The edging should meet the requirements and must not be thicker than stated.
  • The plan must show conservatory parking spaces, gardens, garages, etc.

# Why Choose MLP To Create Your Lease Plans?

MLP is a renowned local CAD Drawing Services Company in UK that specializes in providing the residential market with architectural CAD Draft and Site Survey services. We are a UK based company with years of professional experience to endorse our work.

  • We provide property developers, homeowners, builders, and landlords with conducting measured surveys, producing Floor Plans and Lease Plans, and proposed drawings as well.

# What Constitutes A Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan?

Any new leases with terms of 7 years or more or allocated leases with a minimum of 7 years remaining must officially register with Land Registry, and a lease agreement is necessary to do so.

A Lease Plan is a correctly drawn metric drawing describing the land or part of a building over which the lessee has exclusive or mutual access.

To comply with the Land Registry requirements, a leasing plan. must include the following:

  • A point on the north.
  • It details floor plans at 1:100 or 1:200 scale.
  • A colored line was representing the demise of the subject property (usually blue for the join parts, and red for the disappearance).

# Conclusion:

Lease plan is a land and building scale drawing outlined in your Lease. It also represents areas shared with others, and any rights of way granted. It is a plan which describes the property’s location is also required to register your Lease with the Land Registry.

Land registry plans for Lease and freehold properties are an essential part of our services for property developers, builders, legal firms, private landlords, and investment firms with broad holdings property portfolios. If you need a lease plan or any of our other property related services, please call on 02081337254 / +447804944083 or email us for a quote.

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