Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The floor plan is a fundamental part of any architectural drawing whether it considers as a part of the whole construction. extension as well as for the lease plan. Allow My Lease Planner to support you with your floor plan conversion needs. We provide a detailed floor plan for residential and commercial properties.

Our floor planner team is a professionally trained architectural draughtsman and pursues the formally certified code of ascertained practice. They provide a way to reveal how people will move through space. From the sketch, our experts will project a 2D view of how your building layout looks like from a bird’s view. A floor plan is a drawing that shows a room as seen from a bird’s eye view also known as 2D. The 3D floor plan is a virtual model depicted from a bird’s eye view.

Other common qualities may add. Those can be flooring, bathroom fixtures, interior finishes, and furniture. It is important, that the floor plans are up-to-date. to the scale and with a white background sufficiently detailed. It is also desirable that a scale bar indicator on the floor plan.

So, we provide a drawing of 2D floor plans or 3D house plan drawings and estate agent floor plan software with full dimensions and room names. However, that can be custom-made exactly to your requirements using our CAD software.

We can supply a range of different floor plans by our floor planner UK in a number of formats to suit your needs. We offer a fast, proficient, bespoke service with next day delivery in any required format to optimize your choice of print qualities. We also offer effective property floor plan services to clients all around the country. Our experts skilled at working along with software to make and convert the property floor plans, into 2D or 3D versions according to the business specifications of the client.

There are several steps that a CAD technician takes when creating a floor plan to scale for any space. Firstly, they make a thorough list of the needs and wants of those who will occupy the space like a client. As measurement and scale are an essential part of your Floor plans so they should draft to scale. So, which means reducing the size of your drawing so the entire space can reasonably fit on a piece of paper or screen. A common scale is 1/4 inch = 1 foot. Then comes the rendering part with all the components in mind. They will organize your floor plan.

For appraisal, they will review the wants and needs list. Evaluate the local arrangement including analysing circulation. Other factors include usable space, privacy, and accessibility. For rear extension permitted development, a CAD technician will work according to your tastes and requirements.

We will provide you low-cost housing planning consultation including low-cost house design and floor plan. We aim to provide professional  Floor Plan & Lease Plan drawing assistance for, especially Estate agents. And obviously, we will provide you with the draft of the CAD drawing services within 24 hours of the confirmation. The whole process will complete in 48 hours.

Our charges for the Floor plan (including all 2D floor plans, floor area, floor dimensions) start from £65. If you provide us the measurements, address, and photographs of the property. So, we would easily handover you the floor plans/ Title plan drawings. We do a site survey as well. The price for the survey starts at £125 which depends upon the distance from our office. Please do get in contact if you need our assistance or have any questions.

Floor plans design to present a clear and simple illustration of the layout of a property. And, its common uses which it achieves perfectly. Floor plans may draft to scale, which might be reducing the size of a drawing so that the whole room can fit a certain scale. It is imperative to measure accurately because if not measured accurately will only result in future problems. As to the cost of architect plans for loft conversion and house extension architect fee or architect fees for small extension. You can always contact us at My Lease Planner UK.

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