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Best CAD Services in UK

# CAD And Its Scopes:

CAD Services: CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. CAD is a highly precise drawing conducted through special software. It is a technical term for the designs made by computers using various design tools. Both 2D and 3D designs can be made using CAD software. The most popular CAD Drafting software is AutoCAD, although there is numerous other software used for this task!

CAD has substituted the traditional drawing method with the help of its excellent features. CAD allows the designer to do more accurate designs than it was possible earlier. One can easily get the right measurements and features using highly agile technology.

There is no scope of errors in this system. Moreover, with the advent of 3D designs, it is easier to demonstrate the drawing as close to reality as possible!  There are numerous templates for basic shapes and structures which makes the work easier and time-saving. One just needs enough practice and knowledge of the software to start working with it!

# CAD In Architecture:

CAD is a basic for any architectural plan. Starting from Planning Drawings, the purpose of CAD magnifies as it helps in a visualization of the construction prior to its advent. However, in order to do CAD Drafting at an Industrial rate, only basic knowledge of the software is not enough. One needs to know the Building Regulations given by the council. Because, in the UK, before starting any construction, Approval from the council is needed. The council solely gives approval depending on the Planning Drawings!

Planning Drawings are some diagrams of your construction made prior to its start. It should maintain some protocols given by the council to be approved. So even if you know about operations of the CAD software, you can’t necessarily make a flawless Design for submission.

If you are thinking can I draw my Planning Drawings myself’ you need to have a second thought about it! And even if you stick on doing your designs on your own, there are plenty of cases among our clients who tried to get Planning Permission with their own drawings but failed because they didn’t know in detail about the technicalities!

# How Much CAD Services Cost?

The prices of CAD Services in UK may vary from project to project. However, one thing in common, they might not be cheap. Some may cost hourly or some would cost depending on the caliber of your plans. But the cost may never be less than £1000++! If you are looking for the Best CAD Services in UK at an affordable price near you, you are in the right place!

My Lease Planner(MLP), is a UK based CAD technician And Site Surveyor Company that provide you with Site Surveying, CAD drawing Services, Floor Plans, Lease Plan, And Title Plans since 2015!

# What Are The Services We Provide?

Our main aim is to help you visualize your thoughts through our CAD illustrations. We discuss the vision you have in your mind and depict it as accurately as possible using our professional support and high tech software!

Our 2D and 3D illustrations are made to maintain strict quality control measures. One of the Best CAD Designer team is always ready at MLP!

We basically provide you with a

  • 2D CAD services with added legibility
  • 3D CAD services that fuels your visualization.

We provide CAD illustrations for residential and commercial lease plan/floor plan, extension/conversion, and so on. We prepare layouts, amend existing drawings, elevations, and sections, digitally produced drawings from sketches. Our dedicated team has an outstanding reputation for their performances for delivering accurate and aesthetical and wonderful 2D projects for our clients.

# Why Choose My Lease Plan?

Over the past 5 years, My lease plan has been giving numerous services to our clients and satisfying you with our Outstanding Capabilities. My lease Planner has an excellent team of Designers and technicians so that you never feel out of luck!

The main reason why you should choose us is that we are honest and adroit regarding what we do. Our service is solely circling your satisfaction and giving you the Best Architectural Drawings!  Our CAD drawing services are over the top and considered as one of the Best Cad Services in London!

Rather than scaling every project on the same criteria, we focus on finding the uniqueness and dealing with the differences your property has from the others. We understand what you want and try our best to give our 100%. We provide you the best service at the least time at an affordable price! Our team offers you emergency Cad illustrations within 48 hours of your request!

For further Enquiries, contact us!


60 High Road Leyton, London E15 2BP, United Kingdom. Phone: 02081337254 / +447804944083 Email: contact @ My lease planner, we guarantee you the Best CAD Service in Uk!

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