Site Survey, CAD Drawings and Lease Plan

Only Drawings

Using survey drafts from the client, our CAD technicians begin drawing and representing scaled, digitalized existing drawings for the client.It took 3-5 working days.

A full set of drawings contains all kinds of floor plans, sections, and elevations. It also includes manhole locations, tree positions, drainage locations, parking areas, garden areas, or any other thing about which our client is concerned. Floor plans include all kinds of floor in this building, such as the ground floor plan, the first floor plan, the loft plan, the roof plan, etc. Sections are mostly needed for floor heights, loft detail heights, stair measurements, etc. Elevation helps our client get a complete look at a building. We provide elevations of every side, as in the front elevation, rear elevation, left elevation, and right elevation, with proper detail of door, windows, and chimney. A full set of drawings is provided with complete detail, keeping the client’s requirements in mind. Drawings are provided in PDF and DWG formats.

Our team is always available there for any queries about this service, and you will get this full set of drawings at a very remarkable price, which starts at only £95.

Please contact us today for a quote or further information on full set drawings.

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