Lease Plan & Title Plan

Lease Plan & Title Plan

 # Lease Plan

Lease plan is an unerring drawing that identifies the demise or disposal of a leasehold property. It will also include any schismatic areas and rights of way. Basically, lease plans are now legal biz. If you are going to sell your property with a new lease, or are increasing the length of your lease, or if you are extending the demise of your flat or extensions, etc. then you will definitely need a new lease plan.

My Lease Planners is devoted to drawing up Land Registry Compliant lease plan and title plans exactly how you want them, as quickly as possible.  We also provide plans with accurate specifications for commercial and residential properties or substances.

The team at my lease plan UK has years of experience in providing Land Registry compliant plans and can usually complete the whole process within 48 hours. Draft plans are generally ready within 24 hours of the appointment, and if your ploy is really urgent, then we’ll do our best to provide same-day service. Our charges for Lease plan (including 2D floor plans, floor area, and floor dimensions) start from £95.

It will be our gladness to work with Property Lawyer, Estate planning advisors, and legal experts. Making the cost of any investment efficient is the specialty of a property lawyer. This is the connection point between us and a property lawyer. We aim to provide our service with the most competitive price. We will provide you with the draft of the drawing within 24 hours of the confirmation, and the whole process will be completed in 48 hours.

# Title Plan

Title Plan is a map issued by Land Registry to record the ordinary position of the boundaries of a registered title in according to Rule 5 of The Land Registration Rules 2003. This states the Contents of the property register. We provide:

  • Tidings on boundaries
  • Rights of way and other comforts
  • Colored markings and T markings
  • Outline of surrounding properties
  • Maintenance responsibilities
  • Agreements and restrictions
  • Shows the extent of land posses
  • Title Number, Scale and more

If you provide us the measurements, address, and photographs of property we would easily handover you the professional floor plans & Title plan drawings. visit my lease planner Services and Blog pages for more info.

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